Sonny Angel Mini Figure Halloween Series

Are you sitll confused about choosing gifts for coming Halloween, well if you are collectible toys fans, why don’t you choose one? Sonny Angel is always girls’ first choices when they face different kinds of lovely and interesting items since its cute angels can bring happiness. In fact, these little angels are suitable to be displayed on shopwindows as they can be placed in a team. As a fan of Sonny Angel, I have many series on the Sonny Angel, and you can see them in different places in my room. I ever mentioned this in my early article, you can find here : Yesterday, I had seen Halloween series in, and of course I took these lovely ones, but this series doesn’t have secret one, just includes four babies, they are Mummy, Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire. Becasue they are limited edition for Halloween 2012 Only, so if you also like them, you should not miss the chance.

If you can not satisfy the item, we also provide you with other collectible dolls, thank you for your visiting.

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