ZCWORLD Mens Hommes – Vol.008

Well, if you have seen the big movie “batman”, you may be familiar with Gordon. You know, if a movie wants to be huge, it may need many plots and supporting characters even it has two or three main character. Most people focus on batman missing some necessary characters, so I am here to say some supporting characters still do well. Gordon is one of them who is helping batman and whole citizens, maybe his behaviours can not make you feel well, but he is making his effort to make all things go well.

This movie makes batman be a superstar, and people can see his images and collectible figures in different occasions. I am a toy collector, and I am so lucky to have batman’s collectible figure, and you can also see some related characters in the movie on my desk. Before this chance, I ever shown you batman figure, and today I want to show 1/6 scale Gordon figure. Like other toy figures, it also has whole accessories in the movie, and if you want to know more details, you can visit www.7-hobby.com.

If you can not satisfy the item, we also provide you with other collectible dolls, thank you for your visiting.

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