Make Yourself Into Real Figures

Yesterday, my company had got a message which is saying like this:

“On Dec 21 2006 my brother was killed in Iraq while serving his country as a Navy Corpsman attached to Marine Corps Unit 3/4 out of 29 palms califorina.I want to know if it is possiable for you to make him into a figurine for his 2 kids Ryan who is 9 and his daughter who is 6 ,Ryan plays with GI joes and military stuff all the time and Railey plays with barbies.I think this would be a great christmas surpirse for them,I am willing to pay whatever it takes to get it done.I also know i am not the only one that wants to do this,as this war has left alot of young widows with young kids.I can send pictures of him in iraq so you can see what kind of equipment he wore and used.I look foward to hearing from you.”

Well, if you have noticed my works and items, you would find there are too many action figures, most of them are soldier figures and movie figures. I think most people would want to make themselves into real figures, so I think not only my company has met the occasions. Just like we also want to get our own sketches, we prefer to get something special and unique. Maybe it is so exciting when we get our movie star figures, while how would we act if we really get the figures from our real faces and bodies?

The people who saying above just wants something special and unique to commemorate his brother and he hopes the children would be happy when they see their dad. I want to say I am sorry for their experience, while I am trying my best to handle it. Too many people want to make themselves into collectible figures so that they can cherish them and share them to their friends. I believe it would be a trend when people see too many similar figures, and more and more figure shops would make it true.

If you can not satisfy the item, we also provide you with other collectible dolls, thank you for your visiting.

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