WORLD BOX 1/6 Scale Lakor Baby 003 Iron Baby

WorldBox has released preview /prototype pictures of their LAKOR BABY again — 1/6 scale Iron Baby action figure. After their Baby Joker and Bat Baby figures, this Iron baby would be more popular as its whole design. Personally, I think these cute babies may get more attentions as their lovely and cute facial expressions and behaviours. Different from other two babies, this baby also has a pet — a dog which also wears a similar cloth and mask.

Take happiness home is a key on WorldBox and it wants to all the people who take these babies home would be happy and excited. WorldBox LAKOR BABY 1/6 scale Iron Baby 6-inch (150 mm or 15 cm) action figure features: Baby head, body(150mm / 6-inch), gloved hands x 2, boots x 1 pair, transparent pacifier and dog. According to them, the Eyes and Chest will shine in the dark environment. I’m thinking they meant glow-in-the-dark and not light-up.

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